There will be several presentations by several individuals throughout the weekend. The theme will be Gorean based and will include both Gorean Philosophy and individual insights and personal experiences.

SPEAKERS  include –

Alec Purves –  Well known throughout southern Ontario,  Alec has spoken many times on the Gorean and Leather ideals and philosophies. He is head of a Leather Household known as the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE. More can be found of his writings in his Blog. He hosts a monthly gathering called the Cambridge Mingle and Mixer, as well as helps host Leather Traditions – (a monthly sex positive dungeon party). He also has served on several Board of Directors with organisations such as tri-Pride, Centreville-Chicopee Community Association, FM98.5 CKWR, the Kitchener Lions Club and the Southern Ontario Leather Association (SOLA).

Diane Vicjunik – Diane has been happily married for 37 years to a wonderful husband Hans. She has been a Collared slave to Alec Purves for over eight years. Quiet and reserved, she is well known for her service and slave mannerism both in public and privately.

Roger Schricker – Roger has been actively searching and growing in Gorean knowledge and practices for over three years. Known as a strict Master, he is married a precious, and lovely slave and together they have established their own Household – the Haus of Rammerstein.

Yvonne Schricker – Yvonne has been a police officer with the Waterloo Regional Police Services for over twenty years. She is a Colared slave to her husband, Roger; and lives openly and unashamed about her M/s relationship.

Bridgitte Habermehl – Bridgitte owns a dance studio in Kitchener specializing in belly dancing and classical presentation. She has been featured on several television shows and appeared in music videos.

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