Month: March 2017

The Ontario Gorean Gathering & Assembly Supports Edgy New Initiative




The time is long overdue to make our Gatherings and communities safer places for all to enjoy and attend. We should be the leaders by example, not deniers by disgrace. (If you want to post this photo to your profile, please go to the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly website and copy from there). Feel free to share and declare


Growth of Our Local Gorean Community


The local Gorean community, the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly; has been waiting patiently for the newest arrival of Master Randy and his girl Kelsey first child to be born.

Over the past few months, there have been many discussions how we, as Goreans, can advance the education and positive image of Gor, our Master/slave relational dynamics, and live an open, enriched testimony among our peers and the neighbourhoods in which we live.

With the growth among our young adults, and a desire to meet more regularly as a community, the decision has been made to establish a new project to provide visibility and consistency within our local Gorean community.

Several of our youth, and young adults are attending post secondary institutions at Wilfred Laurier University and the University of Waterloo. Both campuses are within walking distance of a few blocks from each other. Our Assembly has been priviledged to have been asked on several occasions to present the Master/slave dynamic and the Gor Philosophy and Lifestyle in class, and as part of a lecture series.

The Assembly, as a whole, has decided to establish a new initiative within both these two campuses. Two Households have agreed to relocate and live at Veterans Green, establishing a regular, literal Gathering Place for meetings, discussions and social activities.

The residences are located within the housing development located at Veterans Green. This is a bold step. It is a positive and very unique approach to sharing and establishing a solid, visible presence within a high density of population.

As things progress, several other Households have shown an interest to relocate and move closer to help support and nurture the growth of this new project and vision. For this, we as a local Gorean community, are thankful and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices made for the greater good of the local community. Thank you!



Next Gor Saga Book Giveaway – Raiders of Gor


The Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly, along with and the Gorean Gathering Place have been holding a random draw once a month for a chance to win a new Gor Book!

Once a month, we have been running a random draw on for an entire week. It has been a random draw to win one of the Gor Books Saga series printed by Open Road Integrated Inc..

We are continuing to give Books of the Gor Saga away each month, and are presently giving away the 6th Book –Raiders of Gor, and each month proceed to give away a new Book of the following publication in numerical order. We will be giving away the entire Gor Book series in order. The contest will run for three years until we reach the last Book published.

The contest runs the first week of each month, it will be a random draw, and is open to anyone in good standing with either the Gorean Gathering Place or the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly.